Sunday, September 13, 2009

Last weekend, I was at my art show in Wintergreen Resort. I have been doing that art, on and off, for many years. Wintergreen has three great overlooks looking east, west and south. With that in mind, I always bring my cameras with me to the show. There are many beautiful sunrises that I have made photographs of but the sunsets have always eluded me. Sunsets are always nice, but they never had that great amount of color and light. From Raven's Roost overlook on Sept 5, I photographed what I felt was, finally, a beautiful Wintergreen sunset. But I will let you be the judge of that. A great sunset, friendly company and good wine. Thanks, it added to the moment.

The next morning, I arose before sunrise and drove to the Wintergreen overlook. There was fog in the valley below as the sun rose on the horizon. Another great Wintergreen sunrise.


  1. IMO, the sun rising view look much better. I have also visited there and stayed in this place for 3 days. I took a room in virginia bed and breakfast. We enjoyed a lot in this place.